Gadke Solutions

It all starts here

Computer Engineering, Network Engineering, Security Engineering, Website Engineering

Brandon Gadke is going to share, topic by topic, video by video,
his 20+ years of knowledge, experience and education
of Information Technology, Computer Science, and IT Project Management.
Gadke Solutions, the website you are currently on, will be the mothership of all that is to come.

The following domain names are owned and registered solely by and to Brandon Gadke, and he will be building them step by step, day by day, video by video, in order to share his knowledge and experience with website engneering and show you how to program each of the following websites: search engines, social networks, music/video sharing and streaming, online retail stores, and a few more just-for-fun projects.

Find In Xs (Find in excess) ~ search engine
Klikd In ~ social network
Vusetube (View, Update, Share, Enjoy) ~ non-commercial music and video sharing and streaming
Gadflix ~ Video Streaming
Computer Science/Information Technology Now (CSIT Now) ~ where all of the how-to videos will be posted
DisneyTube ~ just for fun
ACoupleLikeUs ~ just for fun
There's More to Prime ~ online retail
A Truckload More ~ just for fun
Dating Trolls - online dating
...and there's more that are not listed here

Once Brandon gets about 50-80% into website programming videos, because he needs most of these websites to work in order to continue, he will then begin the first three listed topics at the top of this page.